FAQ Ticket sale Into the Woods ADE Weekender

Where can I buy tickets?

You can buy the tickets at intothewoodsade.nl

When does the regular sale start?

The regular sale starts on Wednesday July 25th at 20:18 (Dutch time).

What kind of tickets are available?

There are three types of tickets that can be bought when you have succeeded in getting through the queue. Plan ahead which tickets you and your friends want.
ITW ADE - Friday
ITW ADE - Saturday
ITW ADE - Weekend (Friday and Saturday)

FRIDAY OCTOBER 19th TICKET: € 37,- + € 2,95 fee

This tickets gives you access to the Into the Woods ADE Weekender on Friday. The opening hours are from 12.00-23.00.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 20th TICKET: € 41,- + € 2,95 fee

This ticket gives you access to the Into the Woods ADE Weekender on Saturday. The opening hours are the same as on Friday: from 12.00-23.00.

WEEKEND TICKET (FRIDAY + SATURDAY): € 70,- + € 2,95 fee

This ticket gives you access to both days of the Into the Woods ADE Weekender on the indicated opening hours. These tickets are for sale in limited edition. WATCH OUT: This ticket can not be used by two different people during the weekend. When entering the area a unique wristband will be given to you that gives you access the next day. This wristband can not be transferred and you should keep it on during the Weekender.

How does the sale of tickets work?

When the ticket sale starts you will be asked to select one or more tickets. When a ticket is sold out you can't select it anymore. You will be notified when there is a queue. It might take a minute to put you in the queue. There is one queue for each type of ticket. After you get out of the first queue you have to make your choice. You have five minutes to select a ticket, and another 20 minutes to buy it when leaving the queue. The tickets will be released if you take more time than indicated. When this happens your code won't be valid anymore.

Does it help to refresh/F5/⌘R the page when I'm placed in a queue?

No this won't do you any good. Chances of getting in the back of the queue will increase, we strongly discourage you to do this.

Can I be sure of getting a ticket when I get in a queue?

Unfortunately we can't guarantee you this.

Is it possible that tickets will be released even though the system says it is sold out?

When a visitor of the website gets through the queue it enters a page where the placement of an order is possible. When the amount of tickets is selected these will be taken out of the available tickets. From this moment on the visitor has 5 minutes to complete the transaction and order. It is possible that the event is sold out, but that tickets are made available due to visitors that don't complete their order in time. So there is a chance you can buy tickets up until the moment we communicate that it is sold out.

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, SOFORT Überweisung en Bancontact/MisterCash.

What device is the best platform to buy tickets?

We advice to buy tickets from a laptop or desktop. The chance on errors is smaller than on your phone.

What is the minimum age of into the woods visitors?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old when ITW ADE is taking place.

I bought a ticket, but i didn't receive a mail.

"After personalizing your tickets via the link in the mail they will be sent to you. Every ticket requires the name and email address of the visitor. You can personalize your ticket right after you bought it.
Check weather the money is transferred from your bank account. Also check whether the mail is in your spam folder. If not: contact Paylogic via [email protected] "

Why is it necessary to personalize tickets?

Tickets to ITW ADE are very much in demand, which makes it sought after by black market traders. By personalizing tickets selling and buying tickets for excessive prices can be restricted. When entering the area of Into the Woods we ask for your ID to check the correct name, so don't forget to bring it.

When do tickets need to be personalized?

The tickets have to be personalized before Thursday October 18th 23:59. Don't know who you'll take yet? It's possible to wait for a bit before you personalize the tickets. You'll receive the tickets after you've done this.

How can I change the name on the ticket?

If for some reason a different friend decides to come along you will have to change the name on the ticket. Do this through Ticket Transfer, with a service cost of € 5,- a price that discourages people from buying our tickets in bulk with the sole purpose of selling them again for excessive amounts of money. Changing a name is possible until Thursday October 19th, one day before the Into the Woods ADE Weekender.