FRIDAY OCTOBER 18 | 15.00 - 23.00

SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 | 12.00 - 23.00


For the third time we resurface at the NDSM Wharf! For two days the world will feel like your oyster. With its three waterproof stages, Friday is the perfect kick-off for your ADE-filled weekend. We’ll go all out on Saturday with seven stages at full throttle. Unwind your mind, come aboard a new dimension and be happy as a clam. Into the Woods ADE Festival goes full speed ahead!



Detroit Swindle
El Mundo & Zazou (live)
Feathered Sun (live)
Fenna Fiction
Maya Jane Coles
Mino Abadier
Paranoid London (live)
Philou Louzolo
Project Pablo
Roi Perez
Yør Kultura


Amy Root
Anil Aras
Axel Boman
Claire Morgan
David Vunk
HVOB live (clubset)
Ingi Visions
John Talabot
JP Enfant
Krystal Klear
Leo Pol (live)
Lucky Done Gone
Luke Slater
Mimi Love
Noraj Cue (live)
Orpheu the Wizard
Pascal Benjamin
Perel (live)
Spekki Webu
Stavroz (live)
Sweely (live)
Tom Trago
Trippin Jaguar (live)
Viken Arman (dj-set)




About Into the Woods ADE Festival

Side notes

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are no longer available, Into the Woods ADE Festival is completely sold out. Do you want to buy a second hand ticket? Beware of scammers! The only way to buy a second hand ticket is through TicketSwap.

Why is it necessary to personalize tickets?

Tickets to ITW ADE are very much in demand, which makes it sought after by black market traders. By personalizing tickets, selling and buying tickets for excessive prices can be restricted. When entering the area of Into the Woods we ask for your ID to check the correct name, so don’t forget to bring it.

When do tickets need to be personalized?

There is no deadline for personalizing tickets, it can even be done during the festival. It is recommended to personalize your tickets when you’re sure who you are bringing along.

What if I personalized the ticket, but I want to bring someone else?

If for some reason a different friend decides to come along you will have to change the name on the ticket. Use Ticket Transfer for this, with a service cost of € 5,-. This discourages people from buying our tickets in bulk with the sole purpose of selling them again for excessive amounts of money. There is no deadline for Ticket Transfer, it can even be done during the festival (but keep in mind that the service costs are higher during the festival).

Is there a way for me to sell my ticket?

It can always happen, that you are unable to visit the festival. The only way to sell your ticket is through Ticketswap. On the Ticketswap platform the sold ticket will be replaced by a new one. The selling price is maximum 120% of the ticket. By doing this we’re trying to put a stop to commercial traders.

What if I want to buy a second hand ticket?

The only way to buy a second hand ticket is through TicketSwap. The original ticket will be replaced by TicketSwap with a new one to ensure that the buyer has a valid ticket. The name on the ticket will also be altered. The selling price can be a maximum of 120% of the original, to exclude sales through a black market.

Should I print my ticket?

Your ticket can be scanned on you smartphone, so no hassel with printing on paper is needed. Save the trees!

I bought a ticket, but I didn’t receive a mail.

After personalizing your tickets via the link in the mail they will be sent to you. Every ticket requires the name and email address of the visitor. You can personalize your ticket right after you bought it.

Check whether the money is transferred from your bank account. Also check whether the mail is in your spam folder. If not: contact Paylogic via [email protected]

What are the payment methods?

You can pay with iDeal, Mastercard, Visa, SOFORT Überweisung en Bancontact/MisterCash.

What is the minimum age of into the woods visitors?

You have to be a minimum of 18 years old when Into the Woods ADE Festival is taking place.


On Saturday there is a special festival ferry between Amsterdam Central Station and the NDSM, landing right next to the festival entrance. The ferry runs continously from early morning until 2AM. The ferry is free and only for pedestrians (no bikes).

Where can I park?

Public, paid parking spaces are available in Amsterdam Noord, but we encourage to travel by bike or ferry.

Still want to travel by car? Check out the map with parking options.

How do I get there?

Into the Woods ADE Festival takes place at the NDSM-wharf in Amsterdam. Take the ferry from Amsterdam Central Station and follow the signing. The ferry is free of entrance and take around and about 15 minutes. If you are by bike you can also take the ferry from Buiksloterweg, this ferry runs the entire nights.

Lost objects

From Wednesday the lost objects can be picked up at Bureau Gevonden Voorwerpen in Amsterdam between 09:00 – 16:00, you can see them on our Facebook page.

Do you want to pick something up? The items are registered and can be found on On the website you have to register it as your item!
Here you will find more information about Bureau Gevonden Voorwerpen.

How does the cup system work?

At the entrance you’ll receive a cupcoin; use the coin at the bar to receive a free cup. With every next drink you hand in the cup and get a clean one. You can always hand in the cup and get a cupcoin in return, so you don’t have to drag a cup around with you all the time. If you lose the cup: a new cup costs half a token and is isn’t interchangeable for money.
This way we spare tens of thousands of plastic cups and we keep Into the Woods clean.

What to do if I have lost or found something?

Found items that don’t belong to you? Please bring them to the cashiers next to the entrance. There you will find a lost & found point. We will make sure that the item goes to the owner. Did you lose anything? Please sent an e-mail to: [email protected]


There will be enough lockers for everyone. To save money and party without luggage, we recommend to share your locker with your party friends.

When and where does the party start?

The Into the Woods ADE Festival is on Friday and Saturday on the NDSM-wharf. Friday is your ADE Weekend Kick-off with three water resistent areas from 3PM till 11PM. Saturday we go all out with six stages from 12 noon till 11PM at the NSDM-wharf!

How can I pay at the festival?

The currency on the terrain is specially made tokens, which you can buy with either cash or card. Visa and Mastercard creditcards are accepted as well.

How warm should I dress up?

All the stages are covered, but it can be windy on the wharf. So be sure to bring warm clothes. There are plenty lockers.

10 party tips

Nothing beats losing yourself in the music, dancing in bright sunlight, being part of a large crowd of mad-keen revellers, dancing until your feet hurt, chilling by the campfire, flirting with beautiful people and partying till you drop with your mates. Nothing beats celebrating the good life and sharing the love with all the merrymakers around you. But you know what’s even better? Getting home in one piece afterwards, in the very best of health.

Yep, partying is fun, but it’s never completely without risk. So it’s good to know what these risks – ranging from blisters and dehydration to the use of alcohol and other drugs – are.


What is the drug policy?

The use of drugs is not necessary to enjoin the festivities. Carrying drugs ensures your premature exit of the festival. Both soft- and harddrugs are prohibited.

Are there any other party tips?

Yes! We recommend reading these tips to party safe.

I need to use medicine, what to do?

Bring a doctor’s note when you have to take medicine during the event.

Can I re-enter the terrain after leaving?

It is not possible to leave the terrain and come back again.

What is not allowed on the terrain?

Just like at any other festival the next products are not allowed: hard drugs, pre-rolled joints, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glass objects, (plastic) bottles, cans, umbrellas, selfiesticks, liquid perfume and all other products that can be filled with a liquid substance.